NAYMON INVEST CONSULTING LLC annually conducts an audit of the financial statements and related financial information of the company in order to establish the reliability and compliance of financial statements and other financial information with the accounting legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Because NAYMON INVEST CONSULTING LLC has a license of trustee for investment assets No. 1281 of October 22, 2015 and manages several investment funds registered in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The audit is conducted in accordance with law of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 78-II of May 26, 2000 “ON AUDITOR ACTIVITY” (new version) Art. 10, which states that investment and other funds accumulating funds of legal entities and individuals and their trustees in investment assets are subject to mandatory auditing.

To our clients, the audit of LLC NAYMON INVEST CONSULTING guarantees peace of mind and confidence in the security of the company.

In Uzbekistan becoming a client of NAYMON INVEST CONSULTING LLC as an investor in the securities market, and trusting your securities and funds under a trust management agreement, you can always trust professionals with many years of experience in the securities market.

We really appreciate the trust of our customers, and audit is the best way to increase this trust.