Boburjon Ermakbayevich ANARKULOV 245108815_8618

specialist of the I – category of the securities market

lawyer,  lawyer in international law


In 2003, Boburjon Ermakbayevich graduated from the Tashkent State Law Institute with a degree in “Jurisprudence” in a bachelor’s degree. In 2006, Boburjon Ermakbayevich entered the Master’s degree in the Law Faculty of International Law at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. In 2008, having graduated with outstanding results, he received a diploma in international law.


2003-2004 Lawyer, Securities Specialist at the Center for Coordination and Control over the Functioning of the Securities Market

2004-2010 Lawyer in the National Depository “VAKT”

2010-2017 The head of major professional participants in the securities market

2017-present. Director of LLC “NAYMON INVEST CONSULTING”


Bobujhon Ermakbayevich mainly deals with issues related to the securities market of Uzbekistan, the international financial market, corporate law issues. He regularly consults large domestic companies in banking, energy, insurance on the functioning of the securities market. Recently he works in the field of trust management and corporate governance in joint-stock companies of the republic. She is fluent in Russian, Uzbek, English. He advises on the issues of investment and work on the securities market of Uzbekistan many foreign partners from all parts of the globe.


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Phone: + 998 90 984-23-43