Market maker is an investment intermediary included in the official list of market makers who has undertaken to constantly announce and maintain a bilateral quotation for securities of a certain type and fulfills all the obligations arising from the provision of such services on the organized exchange and / or over-the-counter securities market.

Market maker is a person who trades on the market in order to maintain the liquidity of exchange trades, he must execute client orders at the best prices possible at the moment, create an orderly and honest market within a single trading instrument, and prevent unnecessarily sharp price jumps.

Market maker is the intermediary between the seller and the buyer. Supports liquidity of the assets assigned to it, exposing bids for their purchase or sale. It fixes data on applications in the book of a separate journal of information recording fixed by the trading system on incoming applications for the purchase and sale of securities quoted to it, the prices of purchases and sales that they are announced, as well as committed and rejected transactions.

Market maker fulfills the obligations determined by the agreement with the exchange, as well as agreements with the issuer of securities (in case of rendering services of the official dealer of the issuer).

We are ready to offer to any issuer our own as an official dealer of the issuer, both on an organized stock exchange market and on an organized over-the-counter securities market.